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This is a new online journal, targeting an audience fascinated in every-thing technology related. Our mission is straightforward: to provide un-biased advice to those how want it. Every post hosted by this blog has been composed by the subsequent journalistic code:

Our team is modest yet innovative, expert and hardworking. We don’t give up when we’re in problems, we really enjoy it. You’d believe that means we’re less interesting, but you couldn’t be more incorrect. We’re all loving creating content for Gizmo Snack, there’s virtually no responsibility in what we do, and feeling that way makes us calm, happy and concentrated.

From time to time, we analyze things. We write reviews for individuals who comprehend there’s much more behind technology specs. We created specific standards for each kind of gadget that passes through our fingers. Afterward we evaluate them.

But what distinguishes us from the remainder of the online publications on the market is that we make our evaluations in the real planet, perhaps not in a laboratory. We like to take our time with appliances. I.e. powering on and off a vacuum cleaner isn’t enough. You’ve got to really use it for a few of that time period before you realize what’s great, but particularly what’s wrong with it. Same goes with smart phones, tablet computers, and so on. We take new notebooks to bed with us. We use fitness rings while hiking. We fall things down, only to see if they hold. Sometimes, we kick, chew, spill water, clout, tear, milkshake and in some situations, even consume the things we examine. Just like you do in real existence..